My favorite part so far in the BFG is when the BFG has 72 helpings of bacon and eggs and they run out of bacon,eggs,toast,and bread.Then the BFG starts eating sponge cakes and doughnuts.The queen starts calling other rulers to see if anyone had gone missing.People have gone missing in Sweden and in Bagdad. I wonder what the Great Plan is?

Mystery Skype

I was so excited today for our Mystery Skype.They lived in Wisconsin.A Mystery Skype is when you Skype people from around the world and you don’t know where they live.Then you try to guess where they live.It’s so fun!We figured out where they lived first.Then they kept on guessing till they got it.

Olyndra’s Vacation

Olyndra’s Vacation

You won’t believe what Speedy and Flash (the Gr.3 hamsters) did. When Olyndra Irving went to Florida for vacation they snuck into her suitcase and took out all the clothes! On the plane ride the replaced all the food with garbage! Then when they landed in Florida they made sure that the rental cars GPS went to the wrong place! When Olyndra finally got to the place they were staying it was 12:00 A.M!

The next morning Olyndra realized that she didn’t have any clothes! So her mum went to Walmart to get her some. When Olyndra got dressed they went to Disney World. Speedy and Flash had snuck into the backpack they took! On the first ride Speedy and Flash stopped and started the ride so fast that people fell off it! Luckily it was not a very long drop! The second ride was a bit better! People were only vomiting.

When Olyndra went back home Speedy and Flash had hidden in her suitcase again! They had only dumped out some of the clothes that were bought at Walmart! When they went back to school everyone in Gr.3 was searching for Speedy and Flash. When Olyndra brought Speedy and Flash Mrs. O was so relived she cried! Speedy and Flash were so tired because of all the mischief they caused that they fell asleep instantly! Mrs. O knew that they had caused mischief because they always did that! So she asked Olyndra about it.